Welcome to Atrium – a new, elevated way to experience cannabis. At Atrium we strive to bring you the finest curation of products to enhance and improve your life, whether it be through an emotional, spiritual, or medical approach.

For your traditional methods of consumption, we have researched and sourced the finest strains of flower, shatter, distillates, concentrates, oils, and waxes. If you are interested in exploring newer methods of consuming, we have broadened our assortment to include a wide range of tinctures, oils, and delectable edibles.

To heighten and stimulate your senses, we are also launching the Atrium Apothecary, where we have curated an exciting array of beauty, wellness, and topical delivery products. From bath bombs, to luxurious creams, oils, lotions, and more – the Atrium Apothecary is certain to help you unwind and relax after a hard week.