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Cannabis Dispensary Near Malibu, CA

Marijuana Store, Recreational Marijuana Store & Cannabis Curbside Pick-Up
Malibu, CA & Malibu

Atrium Topanga invites you to browse our Woodland Hills dispensary, near Malibu, CA, for a high end experience. Our modern exterior is only a hint of the quality and sophistication inside. Step through our doors and allow a knowledgeable concierge to assist and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Have complete confidence in our uncompromising standards of products and professionals. We’re here to not only meet your needs but exceed expectations in every way.

Cannabis Dispensary near Malibu, CA

For traditional methods of consumption, we have researched and sourced the finest strains of flower, shatter, distillates, concentrates, oils, and waxes. Atrium Topanga is more than happy to explain the benefits of different options and help you explore newer methods of consumption. We’ve broadened our assortment to include a broad spectrum of tinctures, oils, and delectable edibles. Stop by our dispensary in the Malibu area and browse our rewarding selection.

Trust in our team for top quality cannabis products!

Continuing our dedication to heightening and stimulating the senses, we are introducing the Atrium Apothecary. We have curated an exciting and comprehensive array of beauty, wellness, and topical delivery products to reduce tension, enhance blood circulation, repair damage, and soothe the body. From bath bombs to luxurious creams, oils, lotions, and more, we provide effective treatment for inflammatory conditions, such as eczema and acne, improve skin elasticity, and help you achieve a radiant glow. The Atrium Apothecary offers everything you need to pamper yourself after a long, demanding week.

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