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Understanding the different methods and modes of cannabis consumption can feel overwhelming to new and experienced users alike. Concentrates especially, are a diverse and advanced facet of the cannabis experience. That’s why Atrium Topanga is here to keep you informed about our products. If you have more questions about concentrates or any other aspect of cannabis consumption, please don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by. We’d be happy to walk you through any questions or concerns you might have.

Concentrates are a Diverse Cannabis Offering

Concentrates, also known as “dabs” come in a wide variety of forms. Some are softer and waxier, while others can appear rock-like and stiff. However, one of the universal characteristics of concentrates is that they are very potent, which means that they have a very high THC content. Though the extraction and processing methods can differ, you can always expect an intense experience.

Some popular concentrates that you might find are as follows:


A classic type of concentrate created from packing kief together into bricks. It can be smoked traditionally or out of a dab rig.


– A glassy, stiff concentrate that resembles a sheet of hard candy.

Live Resin

– A thick oil that is created from flash-freezing flower to preserve terpenes during processing. It is commonly found in vaporizer or dab pens.


– This solid concentrate is versatile and enjoyed in many different ways.

Contact Atrium Topanga for Concentrates

If you’re looking for premium concentrates with tons of terpenes, trichromes, and taste, then look no further. Atrium Topanga is your home for premium cannabis products and education. Contact us today to learn more or stop by. Our budtenders are ready to answer your questions.

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