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Is Medical Cannabis Effective Against Leukemia?


Leukemia has been called “the silent killer.” Individuals may experience such minor symptoms as shortness of breath or bruising at first. However, leukemia causes a person’s body to produce excess white blood cells which are abnormal and don’t have the infection-fighting properties of regular white blood cells. Leukemia reduces the body’s ability to fight off dangerous infections, and the five-year survival rate for adults is only 57 percent. However, research now suggests that CBD hemp oil could improve this prognosis.

Cannabis Useful For Chemotherapy Symptom Relief

For acute leukemia, which often arises out of nowhere and causes immediate problems, chemotherapy is the predominant treatment. Chronic leukemia may be treated with surgery, chemo, stem cell transplant, and other types of therapy. A few of the many potential side effects of chemotherapy include severe pain, vomiting, nerve damage, sexual disorders, and damage to vital organs.

Cannabis has demonstrated substantial benefits for leukemia patients undergoing chemotherapy. Research reported in the International Journal of Oncology found that CBD and THC achieved anti-cancer effects when taken on their own. When researchers combined these two cannabinoids with conventional chemotherapy drugs, the extraordinary benefits of CBD and THC became apparent. Patients who received these compounds after undergoing chemotherapy had their cancerous cells killed off more efficiently.

The benefit of CBD hemp oil is that it allows lower doses of chemotherapy to achieve the same results, which means fewer side effects. This combination therapy was proven to be effective when CBD or THC was taken following the administration of chemotherapy. Thus far, research into the effects of CBD on leukemia has been restricted to the animal and cellular level. However, it’s already been proven that cannabinoids reduce side effects of chemotherapy, such as pain and nausea, and there’s a strong possibility that hemp oil would kill off cancerous cells. With tremendous potential and no adverse effects, there’s every reason for leukemia patients to take advantage of CBD health benefits.

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